Hi, how do you do? How I manage to keep calm& get new inspiration this Spring !

Hi,how do you do my friends? It’s time to update you about how I manage to keep calm, be inspired this Spring? I do Yoga training 3-4 days/week or go for a walk to stay calm and get healthy . Sometimes I prefer listen to the radio, mostly Klassik relax or Jazzmusic before I begin my Day!

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How do you start than? Well it depends; Most of the time..I begin early with caring products& a cup of Green Ginger or a spicy Masala tea. At the moment I prefer a lemon/lime slice or grapes with naturell yoghurt before Yoga and breakfast. I often listen to Jazz, soul or classik music; it works every time. Then I do skinroutin or Spa at home.

Recently I had a chanse to try a new Shampo. It gives the hair that Nice structure & Volym care I need. Now I got in the right type of mood/ courage again. I recomend you to check it out..the name is Volyme Care Shampo from my favourite brand IDUN minerals.se.

Before skincare and hairwash

Hello❤How are you? I’ts time for Selfcare friday friends

Hello, It’s time for Selfcare friday friends💖! How are you? I love to do Yoga, have Spa, Health& Beauty at home. Recently we got more fresh fruit, I toolk a little walk in the Garden..thought about how we could get more time to relax. Anyway…Im so Happy I’ve found good skincare again. I will share some tip..a new skincare routin and mabey some Make up in the weekend.

I am using new Skincare products, and a facemask, from Best IDUN minerals.se The routin is easy, I just apply the Moisturising facemask gentle in a thick layer before I go to bed..you can leave it on during all the night. Moisturizing facemask is very effective, it moistur and building up the skin on the deep, contains Highly purified minerals and good oils like Glycerin,Schea and Cacao butter..I got suprised it Vegan ,how it sooked in to my skin!you get a soft and smooth face. I recomend all with sensetive, tyred or dry skin to use it. Do you need any skincare or Make up? Go and have a look at IDUN minerals.se Cincerely Leiah helene

Tid för Hudvårds Fredag mina vänner. Jag älskar att göra Yoga, ha Spa, Hälsa&Skönhet hemma. Nyligen fick vi extra fin frukt. Under en liten promenad i trädgården, funderade jag på hur vi skulle kunna få mer tid att koppla av. Iallafall, blev så glad nu när jag hittat det! Bra hudvård och en ny Hudvårdsrutin. Jag kommer dela lite Make up tips på helgerna.

Reklamsamarbete,Advertisment with IDUN minerals.se

Frozen garden and snow in mars

Jag använder nya Hudvårds produkter, en ansiktsmask från bästa märket IDUN minerals..Det är lätt, jag bara applicerar masken försiktigt på rengjord hud i ett tjockt lager innan jag går och lägger mig. Sen låter jag den sitta kvar under natten. Moisturizing facemask är mkt Effektiv, eftersom den är mjukgörande , återfuktar samt bygger upp din hud på djupet, passar bra för er med torr, trött hy! Jag rekommenderar alla att pröva Moisturizing facemask, gillade hur snabbt den skönk in i huden,man blir så mjuk och len i ansiktet. Behöver ni hudvård eller Make up? Gå in och kolla på IDUN minerals.se

Me, before using Moisturizing Facemask You can se I have tyred,dry skin, some exema and acne.
Me, 4:th day after using Moisturizing Facemask..My dry skin and acne is almost gone
SPA time ,Tea,brunch with fruit on the Countryside
View from the Cottage,in the Countryside

Hello!Im back on track my friends


Hello, whats up all friends? I’m back on track😉💖🎉It’s a New year, the Winter have arrived. It was quite Nice here!..but sometimes it went very cold outside..the temperature went down to -7 degrees. I was lucky to Stay safe inside our cottage, planning goals and reload the batteries during that time. One day when it got brighter..I start boile poriage..We hade lighted candles. I was happy I could rest and we saw several funny movies. Then we cooked and served special good food..hade more sweet cockies and walnuts for Christmas. And the days after that it start to be brighter oitside again..with sunchine and only little snowfalls..Luke and I decide to boil coffey, brought dark chocolate, breakfast with bananas, sandwiches and cheese with ous. And soon we arrived to a new Amazaing Landskape..we were excited..and we went for a small walk in the woods of Småland. Mvh Leiah helene

A winterday in the Garden
X-masgift, Ecologic soap
Healthy Pastasallat with Green veggies&Avocado
A Hungry woodpecker an early morning
Lake Vättern ,Småland wood
The Cottage in Knätte, Sweeden

Hello Whats up all friends?

Whats up in November my friends?I Have been visit the contry again,We are trying to stay inside the cottage at the Countryside.

When its not Fog outside,to windy or heavy rainshowers here..I use to take a walk,we like to go outside as much as we can. One sunny day ,we went for a Nice long walk in the forest. I like to do dinners and Yesterday I made a tasty Lemon/garlic baked salmon with hearbs and served with veggies and jasminrise. For those of you who like to bake bread or fine pastery I recomend you to bake in winter! try my favorite chocolate cupkake recepie down below. I hade some chopped Dark chokolate in mine and they got so yummi. You can have different nuts or chocolate in but than the best thing is to have Fine chocolate with atleast 70% cacao.💫🌺Nice day!hugs Leiah

Chokolate cupkakes

Ingredienser kladdkakemuffins

Relaxed day by the fireplace

Lemon/ garlic baked salmon with pepper, hearbs and veggies

Hello, whats up all friends

Hello, whats up all friends !Hej, hur är läget mina vänner?

Nu är vi i trädgården igen..följde med upp till lilla stugan på landet. Vi plockar plommon, fikar samt har ätit massor av frukt. En kväll åt Luke o jag Tortillias med sting. Vi gillar att ha lök, oliver, ost,tomat, gurka på samt prövade att toppa med röd salsa samt Sambal olek på tortillian.Vi brukar få mera Relax tid här. Har hunnit kika på goda recept. Jag gillar främst att baka..senast blev det några American cupkakes med Raw cacao samt Mörk choklad. På helgerna lagar vi ofta middag tillsammans. Hunnit med Yoga och druckit flera koppar Green tea Cardemom.😍

Outside in the Garden
American Chocolate Cupkakes


Hello! We are back in Town!

Hello, Whats up all friends? We are back in Town, have had a wonderful weekend Stay at the Country. The Autumn is here! but it was quite Nice, warm weather in late august. Now its the beginning of September allready. Last weekend we went to the little cottage. I got surprised by founding a blooming Garden with Sunflowers, active Bees, some fresh fruit and Beautiful butterflies. I love to pick hearbs and fruit . We use to cook delishous food in the kitchen. Sometimes it was good to just Chill outside with my favorite oatbiscuits, Dark Chocolate and Boozt Green tea Cardemom with a spoon honey. On Cloudy, rainy days we boiled more Coffey and like to eat late brunch; Oatmeal, egg, sandwiches with fish,cheese, tomato, redonion salat, yoghurt topped with fresh apples, musli& red berries. I have start over, did Early Skincare, facemassage and try to do do Yoga before breakfast. One day we went on a Journey to explore the Forest! After picking meny blueberries in the rain I was lucky to even found little mushrooms on the way back home . We brought it to the Cottage.Then we met some friends and were invited for Lunch..I ate a very tasty Stew with potatos,veggies, carrots,garlicbutter, hearbs and fryed mushrooms.😎❤ Greetings Leiah

Carpe diem, time to Relax in the Garden

Hello whats Up? I hope everyone is fine! Sorry!We have been buizzy..much to plan at the countryside..So I had to pause this blog. But it was time to Relax and Im Ok,did Ice tea Lemon. I have plenty of time to plan dinners etc.. Luke made tasty grilled meat with Garlic&Rosemary ,we served it with spinitch,corn,tomatos,potatosallat and homemade dressing. I like to eat more veggies so I picked veggies, sallad and springonion in the garden.Then I tryed to not take selfies or uppdate to often on social media without a plan.It end up in more fokus on Yoga and Healthy breakfast. I even had fun, enyoyed beeing outside in the Nature with a little cup of Coffey or Tea and we ate strawberries and cream.Take care friends💫🌸 hugs Leiah 



Moments in may!

Hello..How do you do friends?

Have you thougth about whats really important In work, on yore sparetime, weekends etc. I did some reflections lately.

In spring I like Explore the nature, we use to sit down with a cup of tea or mabey were leaning in a chair reading a pocketbook in the Garden..some of you like to planning little journeys like a walk to a Nice lake or a forest..Sometimes we just have to smell the flowers or eat icecream athome. And when the cold wind blow and its start raining..I like to chillout by the fireplace in the little cottage. I’ve hade plenty of time to reading magasins there..looking fore bread recepies or preparing Healthy Dinners to Relaxmusic. Theese little moments in may and you my friends reminds me to listen to my heart. It feels Great to start all over again and create on this blog. Carpe Diem Friends💝Leiah

The Garden
Beleive in your self and you will be Unstoppable✨🌺😎

Hello Whats up?

Hello Whats up?I hope all of you are fine. Im feeling good hade a nice weekend. We decide to went on a Little roadtrip to celebrate Easter. The best thing we could do. Me and my husband, Luke have nothing planned more than work from home and relaxed moments. So we start with sharing coffey ,yummie bread together and hade cousy dinners inside a cottage. In the beginning of spring it was windy and little rain..but we tryed to go outside almost every sunny day. Sometimes we were lucky chilling out with coffey in the Garden. Hugs Leiah

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